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Imo shochu satsuma shiranami 25%

Imo shochu satsuma shiranami 25%

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Imo shochu satsuma shiranami 25%

ISATSUMA SHIRANAMI is one the most famous and best-selling sweet potato Shochu sake in Japan.

Alcohol content: 25% (50 Proof) 

Ingredient: Sweet potato, rice koji, alcohol 25% vol

Size: 900ml

Shochu is the traditional Japanse distilled spirits . Satsuma Shiranami is made from top quality Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes from south Kagoshima, Japan . We only use never frozen, Fresh Sweet Potato for our Shochu and it is prepared with white malt starter called SHIRO KOJI. By using Shiro Koji, this Shochu has natural sweet flavor and fabulous aroma of sweet potato with full body. All ingredients are natural and made in Japan . It is made by single distillation method using pot still, so it retains excellent sweet potato flavor and great aroma. Satsuma Shiranami has established strong name brand and reputation of high quality for long time in Japanese market .

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