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Aragoshi Umeshu Plum wine 180ml 12%

Aragoshi Umeshu Plum wine 180ml 12%

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Japan Plum wine Umenoyado

Aragoshi Umeshu 12% 180ml

Premium Japanese plum wine. This is an ideal bottle to hand out as a gift or a tasting. Japanese plum wine is sweet and full of flavor.

Bottled with real ume plum puree, from Aragoshi Umeshu a richer, more natural sweet taste.

This umeshu is a beautiful representation of what master sake brewing combined with all natural flavors can produce. This umeshu is made from high quality saké and natural Japanese ume plums, creating a wonderful umeshu base with soft and silky textures with a rich and sweet aroma and taste. For extra depth, an all-natural ume plum puree is added to the umeshu.

Made in Japan
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