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Bikkle Soda 500ml

Bikkle Soda 500ml

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Bikkie Soda

From Japan

Famous Japanese yoghurt soda drink. 

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Bickle Soda / Soft Drink / Soft Drink / Brand: Bickle / [Distributor, Manufacturer, Importer or Distributor] Suntory Foods / [Product Details of Bickle Soda] ● Contains 4 types of lactic acid bacteria. ● Sweet and delicious healthy milky Bickle brand carbonated drink. / cate60961




Saccharides(High-fructose corn syrup, , Suger), Fermented milk, Skim milk powder, Milk oligosaccharide/Carbonated, Citric acid, Artificial flavor, Stabilizer(Soy beans多Saccharides), Caramel color


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