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Cafe de Boss Fluffy Capuchino 185g

Cafe de Boss Fluffy Capuchino 185g

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Cafe de Boss Fluffy Capuchino in can 185g

ボス ブラック Suntory

Boss Fluffy capuchino drink in can.

ingredienten: koffie

Product from Japan

The most famous coffee brand is by far Boss Coffee. This coffee can be drunk hot or cold.

This Café de Boss Fluffy Cappuccino has a soft cappuccino flavor. Milk and sugar are already in it. 

Fluffy Cappuccino have a retro design that makes it easy for young women to pick up. The size of the can is the same as normal canned coffee, the soft cappuccino has an internal capacity of 180 g, and the morama espresso has an internal capacity of 185 g.

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