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Calpis Calpico Concentrate 1500ml

Calpis Calpico Concentrate 1500ml

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Calpis Concentrated 1500ml

Calpis カルピス濃縮

Calpis is a wonderfully unique and refreshing drink that tastes a bit like Yakult or other yogurt-based drinks. It is made from lactic acid fermentation and it is a fantastic healthy drink like yogurt.

In Japan, Calpis is drunk by children to build a healthy immune system.

From this 1500ml bottle you can get 7500ml liters / So that could be 42 glasses of Calpis.

1/5 Concentrated Calpis

4/5 Spring water or Spa red if you want to turn it into a soft drink

Granulated Sugar, Skimmed Milk (Treated with Lactic Acid Culture), Water, Flavourings, Citric Acid.
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