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Choryo Yoshinosugi Taru Sake 300ml 15.5%

Choryo Yoshinosugi Taru Sake 300ml 15.5%

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Long time ago once upon a time, all sake used to be called Tarusake.

Tarusake is Japanese cedar barrel-flavoured sake. From the beginning of the Edo Period to the end of the Meiji Period (17th - 19th centuries), sake was normally stored in barrels called taru made of cedar. Therefore, in those days sake was simply called tarusake.

In 1964, Choryo succeeded in making an excellent tarusake using Yoshino cedar barrels. Since then, for almost 50 years we have been making tarusake in the same traditional way. Fresh on the palate and with a pleasant cedar flavour that brings its peculiar richness and well-balanced aroma. "Yoshinosugino Tarusake" brings you the full taste and pleasure of sake. Available in 300 ml.

How does it taste?

Cedar cask matured sake with tones of fruit, earthiness, cedar, savoury and light tannin on the palate and a sharp nice finish.

This sake is best served cold in a wine glass or warm in an o-choko.

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