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Hakutaka Ginjyo Sake 300ml

Hakutaka Ginjyo Sake 300ml

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Hakutaka Ginjyo Sake 300ml

Located in Hyogo Prefecture, Hakutaka was founded in 1862 at the foot of Mt. Rokko, where the Miyamizu water is the most famous brewing water in Japan. The toji or sake master is Fuji Toshikazu, one of the most respected in Japan, who has been with the brewery for the past 65 years. Only Yamadanishiki rice processed. With such excellent ingredients and traditional preparations performed by the brewery's award-winning toji, it's great to find this great bottle of ginjo priced so modestly. An incredible value for premium - class ginjo sake.

Ingredients: Rice, rice malt, alcohol 15.5% Vol

Sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is not permitted. When selling this product Seikatsu can contact the customer to verify his or her age.

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