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Jozen Junmai Ginjo Nama Sake (Shirataki) 15,5% 720ml

Jozen Junmai Ginjo Nama Sake (Shirataki) 15,5% 720ml

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Jozen Junmai Ginjo Nama Sake (Shirataki) 720ml

Brand: Shirataki

Region: Niigata

Ingredients: rice, yeast, koji, water

Alc.Vol.: 15.5% (+3/1.7)

Rice pulp: 55%

Content: 720ml

This perfectly balanced junmai ginjo is full of bright stone fruit such as peach, nectarine and juicy cherry clean mineral finish.

'Natsu no NAMAZAKE' is draft sake with fine fragrant aroma and refreshing flavours, which is released in the summer. The sake is brewed with new rice harvested in the previous autumn, matured at low temperature until the spring and bottled without pasteurization.

Shirataki Sake Brewery is renowned both in Japan and around the world for the quality of our sake. We use only the finest rice and natural mineral water as ingredients. Our brewing techniques have been refined and perfected during 150 years experience of sake production

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