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Kobe Kyoryuchi Melon Cream Soda 350ml

Kobe Kyoryuchi Melon Cream Soda 350ml

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Kobe Kyoryuchi Melon Cream Soda

Tominaga Shokuhin メロンクリームソーダ 缶 ​

Cream melon soda
Kyoryuchi Cream soda tastes like melon and vanilla ice cream with bubbles. Absolutely worth trying. Also nice to make Sorbet ice cream.

Kyoryuchi Cream soda is from the well-known brand Tominaga Shokuhin

Ingredients: glucose-fructose syrup, skimmed milk powder, aroma, food acid, sweetener (acesulfame K), phosphate (Na), color (E102, E133)

Contains milk

"E102 (Tartrazine) may adversely affect activity or attention in children."

Nutritional value (per 100ml): Energy 172kJ/41kcal, fats 0g, carbohydrates 11g, proteins 0g, salt 0.01g.

Keep cool and dark.

product from Japan
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