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Mainichi Byakudan Sandalwood 60 sticks

Mainichi Byakudan Sandalwood 60 sticks

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Mainichi Byakudan, your everyday sandalwood.

Rich in Indian sandalwood, this incense also incorporates other natural elements used in Chinese medicine to get a full-bodied fragrance. Called byakudan in Japanese, sandalwood has been used from the dawn of humanity because of its deep and sensual aroma.

Nippon Kodo uses high quality natural ingredients. Woods, herbs, and spices are blended following long-cherished traditional techniques in order to make exceptional quality incenses.

Made in: Japan

Number of sticks:  ≈ 60

Length: 13 min.

Fragrance: White sandalwood

Características técnicas: Japanese incense with no bamboo core. Includes a porcelain incense holder

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