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Pocari Sweat 245ml

Pocari Sweat 245ml

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Pocari Sweat 245ml

The one and only Japanese sports drink. Pocari Sweat contains the necessary iron and magnesium to regain energy after a good workout. Unlike other sports drinks, Pocari Sweat tastes less sweet as it contains less sugars.

Japanese isotonic drink. Pocari Sweat is best known for its amusing name, but it's also full of supplements to help the body to quench thirst and re-hydrate. Even if you're not exercising, it's delicious grape-y flavor makes it a great drink to enjoy any time. This Pocari Sweat is made in Korea, but still has the same taste as Japanese Pocari. Expand your taste buds and try Pocari Sweat from all across the world!

Water, Sugar, Fructose, Grape Juice, Citric Acid (E330), Salt.

Net Weight: 24
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