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Satsuma Shuzo Imo Shochu Kurosatsuma 25% 900ml

Satsuma Shuzo Imo Shochu Kurosatsuma 25% 900ml

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Satsuma Imo Shochu Kurosatsuma 25%

Distilled Spirits from sweet potatoes

Shochu is not Sake but a kind of Jenever. The alcohol percentage is slightly higher if the Sake is between 25-37% Shochu and is made from a combination of Japanese sticky rice and sweet potatoes.

Contains an alcohol content of 25%.

The mainstream of shochu cultivated in Minamisatsuma.

Makurazaki, the southernmost tip of the Satsuma Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture, is the hometown of Satsuma Sake Brewery. Minamisatsuma has long been known as a place where foreign cultures came to Japan on the Kuroshio Current. Sweet potatoes and distillation technology, which are indispensable for sweet potato shochu, are one of them. The ancestors of this region, who have accepted such various Kuroshio cultures, have grown Satsuma's traditional distilled sake and authentic shochu over many years with their enterprising temperament and passion for sake brewing. Since its founding, Satsuma Sake Brewery has been making authentic shochu in this area of ​​​​Minamisatsuma with a "quality-oriented" attitude, and has continued to disseminate the shochu culture cultivated in Satsuma nationwide.

Sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is not allowed. When selling this product, Seikatsu may contact the customer to verify his or her age.
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