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Uijin Beer

Uijin Beer

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Premium Japanese beer "UIJIN"

Uijin Beer,Rio Brewing

Uijin Beer was designed by the famous Japanese beer geek Ryohei Sugawara who is the founder of Ever Brew Ltd.,our company. The slight bitter flavor and attractive aroma of hops make Uijin Beer outstanding in its class. Its fresh and fruity aroma has a dominant note of muscat.

During the Sengoku period of Japan 'Uijin' meant the first battle for a young samurai. At Rio Brewing & Co. we make our first challenge in the world beer market with this Uijin Beer! And, this is the first greet and Kanpai with you!


Selling of alcohol to persons under 18 is not allowed. The purchase of this product Seikatsu can contact the customer to verify his or her age.


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