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Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu Plum wine 12% 720ml

Nakano BC Yuzu Umeshu Plum wine 12% 720ml

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Kishu Yuzu umeshu Plum wine with Yuzu Flavor

Nakano BC ゆず梅酒 12%

紀州のゆず梅酒 (12%)

Domestic production No. Plus the juice of citrus harvested in Shikoku one, the balance of acidity and sweetness of yuzu of plum wine    

How to drink: As an aperitive with light meals-salads, sandwiches or desserts.

How to Save: Stored at room temperature in a cold and dark place.

Ingredients: Ume, sugar, distilled alcohol, yuzu, Alcohol 12.2% vol

We do not sell alcoholic drinks to persons under 18. Seikatsu can contact the customer to verify his or her age and ID.

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