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Shinmei Yamagata Ken San Tusuyahime Japanese Rice 2kg

Shinmei Yamagata Ken San Tusuyahime Japanese Rice 2kg

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Yamagata Prefecture Tsuyahime White Rice (2kg)


Tsuyahime rice from Yamagata prefecture is a variety of rice that has become a favorite for many people who like rice with a distinctly different taste and texture. This rice is prepared and served in places as far away as Hawaii and areas in the United States. Tsuyahime rice is described as having a subtle creamy taste, with a hint of sweet and savory on the side. People who are familiar with the usual taste of rice may find this strange, but it has become a big hit with many people who prefer a bit more flavor in their rice. This rice is a popular choice when making onigiri rice balls. There are also people who mix miso and pickled vegetables with the rice, which provides a good flavor base for the intense flavor of the pickled vegetables. Tsuhahime is not cultivated as much as most other rice varieties, as the farmer cultivating it must be authorized and certified by the region's prefecture. As careful as Japan's traditional rice farmers are, those who produce Tsuyahime rice are even stronger. This fact makes this rice variety a premium rice variety because of the demands placed on its cultivation alone. Tsuyahime actually means shinning process, which describes the process of removing the outer layer of the rice grain, giving the grains a polished appearance. This process also brings out the starchy flavors of the rice grain, giving it the creamy quality many notice when eating it. Tsuyahime rice grains are longer compared to other varieties, and many have commented that it is special that it tastes better when it has cooled after the cooking process. This is in stark contrast to most other rices that are taken warm or even piping hot.

A genuine Japanese variety of rice
Japanese short grain rice
A delicious rice
Fluffy with a light stickiness
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