Collection: せいかつ Chopsticks


Chopsticks or Kuaizi usually measure 9 to 10 inches long and rectangular with a blunt end. The rounded part (eating end) symbolises heaven, while the square end symbolises earth. Asians, especially Chinese, believe that maintaining an adequate food supply is the primary concern between heaven and earth.

Though simple and little, chopsticks are a great invention in the history of mankind and have many good meanings.

  • For the elderly– Presenting chopsticks as gifts to the elderly is a symbol of good wishes for longevity and good health.
  • For parents or couples– Considered auspicious for couples as they signify togetherness.
  • For children– Not only does it stimulate the development of a child’s intellectual faculties,  giving Chopsticks to children represents a buoyant childhood.

Furthermore, these simple but powerful sticks symbolise family closeness and ties. It encourages mutual respect and engenders unity and love for each other.