Collection: Japanese Tableware

Beautiful Japanese design tableware

Our Japanese tableware is famous for its' elaborate pattern and high quality.

Most of Japanese tableware is made from ceramics with different shapes, colors, or patterns. 

However, they can be made of other materials such as wood, glass, and plastic.  Japanese ceramic tableware is an industry that is many centuries old. Japanese tableware is set on the table so that each dish complements the type of food served in it. Since Japanese meals normally include several small amounts of each food per person, which means each person has a place setting with several different small dishes and bowls for individual food.

Japanese tableware is famous for its sophisticated tea ceremonies. The Japanese drink powdered green tea after their meals which is said to soothe and cleanse the palette. As tea is drink after most meals, many households own their own tea sets including tea caddies which can be made from ceramics as well as teapots and small tea cups.