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Tsukushi Syoucyu 500ml 25%

Tsukushi Syoucyu 500ml 25%

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Honkaku Mugi Shochu Tsukushi 25%

(Distilled Spirits Wheat)

Nishiyoshida Shuzo

A variety of shochu from Nishiyoshida Sake Brewery, backed by a 130-year-old tradition. Good for pursuing the possibility of new shochu! I am working hard every day to make shochu that I can say. In addition to "1 koji, 2 yuan, 3 brewing" which is the basics of sake brewing, this is a shochu that has been devised with an ingenuity in the process of distilling and storing only shochu.

We have created a shochu that is refreshing and easy to drink like barley shochu. It features a light scent. It is a shochu that you can enjoy along with your daily meals.

Flavor characteristics ・Refreshing and light scent typical of barley shochu・Easy to match with meals・Soft taste・Crisp taste
How to drink deliciously Rock/water
Compatibility with food Sashimi, grilled fish, yakitori (salt), etc.
Type of taste Light
Internal capacity 1800 ml/900 ml
Alcohol degree 25 degrees
Product classification Authentic shochu
raw materials Wheat and malt
Distillation method Decompression

Verkoop van alcohol aan personen onder 18 jaar is niet toegestaan. Bij verkoop van dit product kan Seikatsu contact opnemen met de klant ter verificatie van zijn of haar leeftijd.

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