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Akashi RED 500ml 40%

Akashi RED 500ml 40%

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Akashi red

Akashi Red is a Japanese whiskey from the Eigashima distillery, which means white oak. This distillery was founded in 1888 and is mainly known for its sake and shochu. These are more popular than whiskey in Japan, which is why whiskey production is quite low. Only 2 months a year by a team of up to 5 people. This makes the whiskey quite exclusive. Akashi red is Scottish tradition mixed with Japanese precision. A whiskey that smells quite spicy like pine, dry oak. but also influences of fruits such as white grape, lemon and yellow apple and a floral undertone. On the pallet you immediately notice the rich malt with vanilla and grape, pine and oak. Floral notes that lead you to a bitter lemon zest. Its finish has a warming effect, oak and wood spices with a hint of vanilla. the whiskey has an alcohol percentage of 40%

Japanese Blended Whisky
In addition to the big, well-known producers of whiskey in Japan, the world of small Japanese distilleries in Europe is still almost untouched. The WHITE OAK DISTILLERY is a perfect example of one of those rising suns in the sky of Japan. The license of this distillery dates back to 1919. This made WHITE OAK the first distillery in Japan to distil whiskey. However, a name was made especially as a producer of Shochu and sake. The modern era of whiskey began in 1984 when the current WHITE OAK DISTILLERIE was built near the Kobe harbor. The whiskeys from this distillery were mainly used for the Akashi blended whiskey, which is why older Akashi single malt is still a coveted rarity. The storage takes place in American oak barrels.

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