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Donbe Cup Kitsune

Donbe Cup Kitsune

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Original Japanese instant cup noodles with fried Tofu

This is one of the most traditional Japanese lunch meal. Noodles soup with fried Tofu!

Method of preparation

Boiling water

Pour in boiling water and cover (Udon Noodles only)

Wait 10 seconds for the Udon Noodles to warm up and drain

All spices in it and again boiling hot water in it

Wait 2 minutes

It is ready for consumption

Ingredients: Fried Noodles Vegetable Oil and Fats, Salt, Vegetable Protein, Soybean, Fiber Seasoning Fried Tofu Soup Salt Fish Extract, Soy Sauce Fish Powder, Leek, Seaweed Extract, Saccarides, Seasoning Kelp Powder, Seasoned Seafood Lie, Processed Starch, Seasoning Colorant, pH Adjuster , emuklgator, antioxidants vitamin e, aroma, herbal extract, natural dyes paprika monascus gardenia vitamin b2 vitamin b1
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