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Dragon Ball Super Fusion Gamu Chewing Gum

Dragon Ball Super Fusion Gamu Chewing Gum

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Dragon Ball Super Fusion Chewing Gum

コリス ドラゴンボール超フュージョンガム 30g

Different fruit flavours

Chewing gum inspired by the popular technique "Fusion" featured in the world famous manga and anime "Dragon Ball". Chewing gum that you can enjoy different flavors by eating 5 types of gum in different combinations (combining). Furthermore, the combination is divided into three levels. There are five types of gum: soda, strawberry, lemon, melon and pineapple. You can enjoy up to 11 different flavors by combining 5 flavors.


Ingredients: Glucose (domestic production), sugar, syrup, palatinite, yeast extract, dextrin/gum base, food acid, emulsifier, fragrance, sweetener (sucralose), color (flavonoids, anthocyanins, gardenia, carotenoid)

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