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Electric Rice Cooker 1.8L Remo

Electric Rice Cooker 1.8L Remo

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Electric Rice Cooker 1.8L Remo

Electric rice cooker from Remo, it really won't get any easier. Perfect for putting rice on the table easily and without having to worry about it

Do you find it difficult to cook rice? Make it easy for yourself and use a rice cooker from now on. Easy to use and always make the rice the way you want it. No risk of burning and the rice stays warm right away, perfect for your visitors or during a party.

Electric rice cooker
capacity of 1.8 liters
Automatic cooking switch that turns off automatically
keep warm function
Dry boil protection
Removable inner pan with non-stick coating
Includes measuring cup and spoon
Steam bowl
Measure rice with the special measuring cup and wash in a separate bowl
The measurement mark on the inside of the pan indicates the water levels with the rice
Place the cooking pot in the sleeve
Close the lid
Put the plug in the socket and press the switch down. The “Rice Cook” light comes on
When the rice is ready, the switch shoots up and only keeps the rice warm
Leave the lid on for about 15 minutes with a closed lid so that the rice can still steam a bit
Stir the rice with the plastic spoon
Unplug the power cord and place the rice cooker on the table
Also known as: Electric Rice Cooker, Reiskocher, Cuiseur à Riz
Brand: Remo
Content: 1.2 liters

Product of China
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