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EX Menraku Cup Ramen Karamiso Tonkotsu Spicy Miso 80.6g

EX Menraku Cup Ramen Karamiso Tonkotsu Spicy Miso 80.6g

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EX Menraku Cup Ramen Tonkotsu-Fu

Tonkotsu Style Ramen Cup Noodles

EX 麺楽らーめんとんこつ風 カップ

Tonkotsu or Tonkatsu is a traditional Japanese Ramen noodle soup with a creamy soup made from pork belly. It takes a lot of time to extract all the flavors from the bacon for the ultimate creamy original Japanese Tonkatsu soup. But with these Tonkatsu cup noodles you can make it in no time in just 2 minutes.

Komenraku Karamiso Tonkotsu Dry” is a spicy instant noodle made with the taste of tonkotsu, which is popular in Japan, adding to the soup which is a mix of miso. In addition, you can enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese ramen by using the attached chili oil.

Method of preparation
Boiling water
Pour in boiling water and cover
Wait 2 minutes
It is ready for consumption
Traditional Japanese Cup Noodles in Pork Bone soup base
Authentic product of Japan
Convenient cup noodle pot
Just pour in included soup base and add hot water!
Product of Japan
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