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Gekruide Zeewier vellen Matsutani Nori 8 x 6pcs

Gekruide Zeewier vellen Matsutani Nori 8 x 6pcs

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Matsutani Omusubinori 8 x 6 vellen

Matsutani Nori Co., Ltd.

Seasoned side dish Nori Miyabi

8 individuele Gekruide pakjes Japanse zeewier snack, lekker als tussen doortje.

Product Features
Always with a smile, Matsutani seaweed.
We are a company that nurtures food with trust and sincerity.

Seasoned seaweed that can be served individually, perfect for traveling and lunch boxes.

Dried seaweed (domestic), soy sauce, sugar, kelp stock, fermented seasoning, protein hydrolyzate, shrimp extract, salt/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), trehalose, sweetener (licorice), spice extract, ( Partially contains wheat, shrimp, milk ingredients, and soybeans)

Nutritional information table (per bag (8 slices, 6 slices))
Energy 5kcal
Protein 1.0g
Fat 0.1g
Carbohydrate 1.2g
Salt equivalent 0.1g
Manufacture and sales: Matsutani Nori Co., Ltd.
Category: Food/Made in Japan

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