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Grundig GH914 Ears Free Bone Sonic Headphone

Grundig GH914 Ears Free Bone Sonic Headphone

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Grundig Bonesonic headphones

The Grundig Bonesonic is an active headphone that lets you enjoy music through a special technique. You put the earplugs on your tragus and you hear music through conduction technology. This way you can still hear what is happening around you. The Bonesonic is sweat resistant and therefore ideal during sports.

Item model number: 50914(GH914). Grundig Bone Sonic Headphone sits outside your ear and conducts sound via bone and allows you to listen to music ...

Highlights & Details
Listen to music without ear contact
Ideal for sports
Sweat resistant
Rechargeable via USB
Built-in battery for up to 15 hours of music enjoyment
With volume control
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