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Hachi Shokuhin Fried Garlic Slices 200g

Hachi Shokuhin Fried Garlic Slices 200g

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Hachi Shokuhin Fried Garlic Slices 200g

Japan Hachi Deep-fried Garlic Slices Hachi Deep-fried Garlic Slices, whether it is stir-fried, fried beef / pork chops, cooking noodles ... fast and delicious, it is an indispensable universal cooking companion in the kitchen! Garlic is only used in high-end restaurants and izakayas, and it is a slice of garlic used by Japanese yakiniku restaurants.  It is very suitable for small families who do n’t often get together. You do n’t have to buy a bunch of garlic specially, and you do n’t run out of waste. Friends can recommend this way of cooking. Burger steak, steak, pasta, vegetable salad, ramen, etc.

★ Add dumplings, burger steak, meatballs, minced meat dishes, etc.

★ Seasoning for fried rice, fried vegetables, etc.

★ Add various seasonings such as soy sauce

★ Appetizer with wine Side dishes

Ingredients: garlic (China), palm oil, salt, antioxidant (vitamin E) Origin: Processed and produced in Japan, imported Please store in a place not exposed to high temperature and direct sunlight and humidity.

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