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Hana no Hana Violet (150 sticks)

Hana no Hana Violet (150 sticks)

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Japanse wierook - Excellent Hana no Hana Violet

“Hana-no-Hana”, Japan's first perfumed incense.

Hana no Hana was created in 1911 by Yujiro Kito, a gifted incense master, who fused Japanese incense–making techniques with the Western perfume culture.

Now Hana-no-Hana has gone through a transformation while preserving the original fusion of fragrance of the Western and the Eastern cultures. The packages are newly designed, using the Art Nouveau style that focuses on outlines of flowers with the essence of Japanese art — a refreshed design that gives a historical and authentic impression. For more than a hundred years after its birth, Nippon Kodo has continued to make this beloved floral incense. Many people continue to adore the deep and brilliant floral fragrance of Hana-no-Hana to this day.

Enjoy the renewed Hana-no-Hana.

Hana no Hana comes in three fragrances: Rose (yellow), Lily (green), and Violet (violet).

Lovely Violet: A powdery, floral-woody scent
Violets blossoming delicately and innocently. Its sweet and rich fragrance is attractive.

Gathered up like a delicate bouquet of lovely violet, Violet is a scent that feels moist and powdery. Violet is a calm, powdery floral-woody scent that is made of quality Indian Sandalwood added with a mellow musk-style aroma.

TOP: Violet
MIDDLE: Powdery Floral
BASE: Sandalwood & Musk

High-quality white sandalwood is used.

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