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Hitachino Nest Yuzu Ginger Non Ale Beer 330ml 5.5%

Hitachino Nest Yuzu Ginger Non Ale Beer 330ml 5.5%

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Hitachino Nest Yuzu Ginger Non Ale 330ml  0.3%

Japanese special beer

Merk: Hitachino Nest

Land: Japan

Type: Lager

Alc.Vol .: 0.3% Plato: 13,4

Inhoud: 330ml

Hitachino Nest Lager is bier van lagere gisting in lichte kleuren. Uitgebalanceerde smaak van mout en lichte smaak van hop.

Yuzu Gember Non-Ale Bier (Hitachino Nest) 330ml

Hitachino Nest Lager is bottom fermentated beer with light color.
Please enjoy the well-balanced taste of malt and light flavor of hops.

  • Volume 330ml
  • Beer Style Lager
  • ABV 0.3%
  • SRM 2
  • IBU 15
  • Serving Temperature 6 - 9℃
  • Hop Chinook,Cascade,Saaz,Nelson Sauvin
  • Malt Pale,Lager,Kaneko Golden
  • Yeast Lager

Verkoop van alcohol aan personen onder 18 jaar is niet toegestaan. Bij verkoop van dit product kan Seikatsu contact opnemen met de klant ter verificatie van zijn of haar leeftijd.


Hitachino Nest Beer is brewed by KIUCHI BREWERY, whom have been brewing Japanese Sake since 1823, and now the family is in 8th generation.

“酒出 (Sa-ka-i-de means“Spring-out sake”) ” is the place close to our locality, has a folklore that‘sake’ sprang out of the well. Hitachino is the name of the province in ancient Japan which covers the area of our brewery and was famous for its fertile soil, making our land just perfect for brewing.

Despite importing our malts and hops from the West, we are not simply imitating the Western way. We brew a Japanese Beer.

The combination of malts and hops is infinite. Our focus is to match and balance the character of each ingredient to create an refined synergy for a ‘perfect’ brew. This perfectionism continues and evolves.

Making beer is like taking care of newborn baby. Fermentation period involves days of nurturing yeast. “How is my dear yeast doing?” “Is it too hot?” “Is it too cold?”

In 2014 we’ve started growing hops on our brewery’s site. This is our new challenge for better sustainability. We are thrilled to brew with our own hops in the near future.

The beer with unique “Owl” was born in Japanese Sake Brewery is now distributing to over 30 countries. In U.S., in Great Britain, Thailand and Australia… our owls are witnessing every moment of drinking happiness around the world.


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