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I.Myss Natural Mask Caviar 23g

I.Myss Natural Mask Caviar 23g

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I.Myss Natural Mask Caviar 23g

Where does I.Myss come from?

i.myss is a popular skin care brand from Korea endorsed by the Korean ballad boyband 2AM. i.myss stands for It Makes Your Skin Sing. A representative from i.myss stated, As 2AM usually come off as luxurious as well as friendly in their album and variety show presence, we thought that they were the best match with i.myss as a luxurious yet easily approachable brand, and we’ve taken them on as our models.” i.myss is a widely popular brand amongst teenagers and ladies of all ages in Korea, Japan, Singapore and many other places. 

All the products of i.myss are made in Korea. i.myss has a variety of quality products such as face masks, vibration puff and many more. Choose i.myss and you will not regret your choice! 

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