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Itoen Oi Ocha Ryokucha Green Tea 340ml

Itoen Oi Ocha Ryokucha Green Tea 340ml

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Canned Japanese green tea

Ewe Icha Ryokucha Ryoku Cha Can

Itun お~いお茶緑茶 缶​

100% Japanese local tea

A refreshing pure green tea of ​​the best quality from Japan.

The most famous Japanese local green tea. You can find these everywhere in Japanese supermarkets. Kobe Kyoryuchi is less internationally known as the Suntory tea varieties. Locally, this tea is widely drunk by women.

Green tea from Japan, ascorbic acid.

Oi Ocha—Ryokucha is ITO EN's standard green tea product. It is sold throughout Japan in convenience stores, supermarkets, vending machines, station kiosks and other channels, and holds the position as Japan's No. 1 green tea beverage brand. The tea leaves used to make Oi Ocha—Ryokucha include those grown by contracted tea plantations. It is manufactured using ITO EN's proprietary methods, resulting in a fresh flavor and aroma. The product has gained strong acceptance among Japanese consumers and is now making inroads into overseas markets. Oi Ocha—Ryokucha sold in Japan is a completely natural tea product made from 100% Japanese-grown green tea, with no additives or preservatives. It is marketed in a wide array of package sizes and types, including 2 liter PET bottles, 500ml PET bottles, cans and cartons. ITO EN developed the world's first ready-to-drink canned green tea beverage product and later pioneered the marketing of green tea in PET bottles. ITO EN was also early in developing green tea products sold in heatable PET bottles. These efforts have seen ITO AND become a major catalyst in the increasing popularity of green tea ready-to-drink beverages in Japan.
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