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Japanse Ramen vers (3 porties) 540g

Japanse Ramen vers (3 porties) 540g

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Fresh Japanese Ramen 540g

3 loose packaging

Enough for 3 servings

Pre-cooked Ramen noodles are quick to prepare, so you will save a lot of time in making a real Japanese Ramen noodle meal.
Ramen noodles are excellent for stir-frying or in soups. Compared to instant ramen noodles, it has a firm texture, yet is smooth and elastic.

Preparation tips
Cook the Ramen noodles in boiling water for one minute. Strain them out and put a nice broth soup over it with some finely chopped onions and you have a nice Japanese basic Ramen soup. You can also bake the Ramen, for that you also have to pre-cook them so that they become more elastic and then rinse them in cold water.

A bag of instant Udon noodles is enough for two servings.

Water, Wheat Flour, Tapioca Starch, Acidity Regulator: E270 (Lactic Acid), E325 (Sodium Lactate), E500(ii) (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate), Salt, Thickener: E401 (Sodium Alginate), Soya Bean Oil.
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