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Kameya Wasabi Furikake 48g

Kameya Wasabi Furikake 48g

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Kameya Wasabi Furikake

The Furikake wasabi is a mix with different herbs such as: Sesame, Salt, Corn flour, Sugar, Seaweed, Bonito powder, Nozawana vegetable, Egg white, Soy, Green tea, Wasabi, Seaweed extract, yeast extract and flavor enhancer E621.

With all these herbs your rice will be very Japanese! You can also use the Furikake for the inside out Sushi rolls or as a decoration topping on the Sushi.

SESAME, Salt, Corn Flour, Sugar, Seaweed, BONITOP POWDER, Nozawana(Vegetable) PROTEIN, SOYA, Green Tea, Wasabi, Seaweed Extract, Yeast Extract, Flavor Enhancer E621.

Net Weight: 48g
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