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KAYURAGI incense White Peach 40 sticks

KAYURAGI incense White Peach 40 sticks

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KAYURAGI incense with White Peach blossom scents

Nippon Kodo 日本香堂 かゆらぎ 白桃 スティック 香立

Welcome to the world of Kayuragi, where scent (ka) meets slowly floating fragrant smoke (yuragi).

The packaging is inspired by the fabric of a kimono, with beautiful colors.
Available in 8 scents: Osmanthus, Green Tea, Cherry Blossom, Pomegranate, Sandalwood, Japanese Cypress, Aloe Wood and White Peach.

Relax body and mind with Kayuragi, and create a moment of contentment.

Burn time: approx. 25 minutes.

Dimensions 14 cm
Weight 40g
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