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Kimura Drink Mt Fuji Red Soda Pop 240ml

Kimura Drink Mt Fuji Red Soda Pop 240ml

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Kimura Drink Mt Fuji Red Soda Pop 240ml

木村飲料 赤富士サイダー 240ml瓶×20本入

Kimura Red Soda


Ingredient name: Fructose-fructose syrup, grape juice (Yamanashi prefecture) Grape skin pigment A E1: 240 ml Expiration date: Please store on the cap.  2429 EA 3051-43 (AI) Since it is a carbonated drink, cool it well before opening it and do not shake it.  Be careful when opening the cap, as it may blow out.  Carbonic acid weakens when opening the cap, so please count early.  Ingredients originating from the raw materials may loosen or precipitate, but this does not affect the quality.  Please do not freeze.  The liquid contents may expand and damage the container.  Please cooperate so that the empty container will not flicker.  Please remove the cap and cooperate with the cycle Inquiry 0548-32-7555

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