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Kirin Salty Lychee 500ml

Kirin Salty Lychee 500ml

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Salty Lychee 500ml

世界のKITCHENからソルティライチ ペットボトル

Kirin brand from Japan

This nice Salty Lychee from Japan drink Dessert "ローイゲーオ" which put the seasonal fruit and salt and ice which I came across at hot country, home of Thailand together is a hint. The delicious salt, hydration drink which the delicate, kind sweetness of the lychee which I drew in Okinawa Haiyan of the mellow taste and a rich fragrance can enjoy.


Fruit (grapefruit, grape, lychee), sugar (fructose grape sugar solution sugar, fructose), salt (Okinawa product) / acidulant, fragrance

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