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KitKat Matcha Green Tea Gift pak from Kyoto

KitKat Matcha Green Tea Gift pak from Kyoto

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Nestle Kit-Kat mini green tea

The very famous green tea Kit-Kat variant directly from Japan. One pack contains 12 mini Kit-Kat.

Made with matcha green tea from Kyoto's famous tea shop Itohkyuemon, these Kit Kats are exclusive to Kyoto. This bag contains 12 Kit Kats.

Weight: 174g
Manufacturer: Nestlé

Vegetable fats and oils, wafer (wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, salt), sugar, wheat flour, green tea paste, green tea, cocoa powder, yeast, cocoa mass, raising agent, baking powder, (baking soda), spices, antioxidants ( vitamin E)

Contains wheat, milk and soy.

Made in a factory that also processes peanuts, walnuts, almonds and sesame.

Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 240 kJ/575kcal, fats 36.3g, carbohydrates 58.4g, proteins 3.98g, salt 0.13-0.42g.

Keep cool and dry

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