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Kitoku Saga-Ken Japanese Rice 1.4kg

Kitoku Saga-Ken Japanese Rice 1.4kg

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Kitoku Saga-Ken Japanese Rice 1.4kg

Japanese sticky rice

For more than a hundred years, the Kokutoku Shinryo Group has been working with stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, and the local community, with the aim of responding to customer needs. We have worked hard to build trust.

We have established the Kintoku Shinryo Group's corporate value and corporate philosophy as “sincerity and appreciation”, “pursuit of quality”, and “value creation”. With this as the basis of management, we aim to be a company with high growth potential through the development of new services and products that please our customers. And we will boldly take on the challenge to realize this ideal form.

Due to the declining population, declining birth rate and aging population in Japan, and the globalization of economic activities, people's lifestyles are diversifying. In this context, our customers' commitment to food is not only the taste of taste, but also the growing need for safety and security, as well as pursuing new values ​​​​that contribute to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. The Kokutoku Shinryo Group will build a system that can respond quickly to the rapidly changing business environment, and will actively work on creation in overseas markets while maintaining stable growth in the domestic market. Through these efforts, we will aim for a higher-grade growth stage.

Kokutoku Shinryo's rice business can be broadly divided into rice milling and brown rice sales. There are two types of polished rice: household polished rice that is consumed by ordinary households and commercial polished rice that is used in the food service and ready-made meal industries. In addition, for household rice, we have 4 series of our own brands, “Jinzukuri”, “Specially cultivated rice”, “Rinse-free rice that can be cooked without boiled rice”, and “Kitoku Shinryo Selection”.

The Kokutoku Shinryo Group conducts sales activities that focus on area marketing while providing customers with uniform services nationwide. Brown rice is sold to retailers, mainly to wholesalers.

Also, since 1998, we have been qualified to participate in general competition (nomination competition) concerning government purchase consignment contracts for imported rice grain, and participate in bidding conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and sell US rice etc. .
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