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Kombu Itoku Kiridashi Kombu 35-40 g

Kombu Itoku Kiridashi Kombu 35-40 g

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Kombu Kiridashi, Dried Leafweed 35-40 g

A colorful mixed seaweed salad, and also easy to prepare.

Soak the dried seaweed in cold water (500ml). After 5 minutes if they don't get any bigger you can drain them in a sieve or colander. Let all the moisture drip off. The easiest way to soak them is in a large pot of water. Because they expand quite a bit. These Kombu are already cut into square slices, so you could also soak them in a frying pan. This species of Japanese seaweed is also called "Dried fingerweed" or "Kelp".

Code-6586 KONBU HIROKON HOKKAIDOSAN DASHIKOMUB DRIED LEAF WEED Ingredients: gedro fingerweed (kelp) Nutritional value per 100 g Energy 578 KJ (138 Kcal), Fats 4 g, possibly. Shipped I ich: 30 grams Product of JAPAN Importer: LUCULLUS BV-LUNBAAN 6-2352 CK LEIDERDORP
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