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Korean Rice Snack With Soybean 60g

Korean Rice Snack With Soybean 60g

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Korean Rice Snack With Soybean 60g

네오 콩절미

Product features

1. Snack made easy to enjoy Korea's representative food 'Injeokmi'
2. Snack made without frying and not fried
3. Healthy snack made from roasted rice (5.75%)
4. Cooked Rice 100%
5. Gluten-Free Snacks
6. Snack that both men and women can enjoy


Rice (maepssal) 53% (domestic), palm oil (refined palm oil, oleic acid palm kernel oil / Malaysia), injeolmi flavor Seas Ning - SL - white sugar, stir flour 5.95% (soybean / USA, China), skimmed milk (milk / American ), Glucose, Lactose (Milk / US), Salts Derived (Household), Corn Oil (Household), Synthetic Flavors (Blend Nut Flavor-S), Calcium Carbonate, Sucralose (Sweetener), Corn Flour 13.6% (US, Made in China)


Heat 175kcal, carbohydrates 15g (5%), sugars 4g, protein 2g (4%), fat 12g (24%), saturated fat 6g (40%), trans fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg (0%), sodium 55 mg (3 %)

*Per 30g serving,% Nutritional Reference Value: Percentage of the Daily Nutrient Reference Value
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