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Kuromatsu Kenbishi Sake 900 ml

Kuromatsu Kenbishi Sake 900 ml

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Kuromatsu Kenbishi Sake Rice Wine 

Kenbishi 日本酒 黒松剣菱 

Since its establishment before the year of Yongsei 2 (1505), while moving the stage from brewing from Itami to Nada, Sword Shoe has been built continuously over over 500 years.

The origin of Kenzoku Shuzo is the character of "Kokutai 1st Toss" written along with Kanpei's trademark in "Mori Tadashi" (later "Modern customs history") written at the end of the Edo period. It was a strong pride and sense of duty from Shinko Shimo which was said to be "the best sake in the past as well".

A rich swallowing at the moment of inclusion in the mouth.

The taste with experience has a relationship with sourness and bittern, spreading in the mouth and more mellow richness. Brilliant sharpness leaves a refined and comfortable finish.

Labeling of rice pollution committee is not displayed on the product of Shinshima. The reason is that the milling commission is being changed according to the year. Everything is to keep the unchanging taste. "Taste" rather than "title". That is the policy of Kenzo Shuzo.

Kenzo's liquor is not colorless and transparent like general sake. It is because it is because of the color by filtering too much. The depth of the color of the shochu can be said, so to speak, a proof of the strength of the taste.

Ingredients: Rice, rice koji, brewed alcohol


Sale of alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is not permitted. When selling this product Seikatsu can contact the customer to verify his or her age.

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