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Kyara Eiju 8g (50 sticks)

Kyara Eiju 8g (50 sticks)

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Japanse wierook - KYARA EIJU

Special Aloeswood

Japanse wierook

Long life

The indescribable aroma of kyara is one of the most sought-after fragrances in the world of perfumes .

For years and even centuries, this wood remains hidden in silent communion with the earth to develop its mysterious, exquisite and mystical scent.

In Japan , kyara is considered an expression of the infinite wisdom of nature, which illuminates mountains, minds and hearts.

Discover the deep and mystical scent of Kyara Eiju incense:

 an aloe wood of very high quality with a haunting note of benzoin that invites calm and serenity.

  • Made in: Japan

  • Number of sticks: 50

  • Length: 30
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