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Kyara Kongo Select Aloe 60pcs

Kyara Kongo Select Aloe 60pcs

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Kyara Kongo Select Aloe 60 pcs

Japan Nippon Kodo

Kongo, «Diamond», it is an appropriate name for this collection since Kyara, from a long time ago has been considered the King of incense. Let yourself be seduced by the fragrance that the noblemen from Japan valued in their ceremonies.

Kyara Kongo, agarwood of the diamond.

Kongo, the diamond, is a very appropriate name for this fragrance, as Kyara is considered to be the king of incense: nurtured in the heart of Mother Earth, it's the highest quality agarwood. This is the fragrance that noblemen from the Japanese court most appreciated during their ceremonies: let the refined scent of kyara fill the air and captivate you.

Nippon Kodo uses high-quality natural ingredients. Woods, herbs, and spices are blended following long-cherished traditional techniques in order to make exceptional quality incense.

  • Made in Japan
  • Number of sticks 60
  • Length 20 min
  • Fragrance Diamond Kyara
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