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Kyara Taikan Aloeswood Superior Agar 45pcs

Kyara Taikan Aloeswood Superior Agar 45pcs

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Kyara Taikan Aloeswood Superior Agar 45 pcs

Japan Nippon Kodo

Kyara Taikan, great prospects agarwood.

This incense was made with kyara as its main ingredient. Kyara is the highest quality aromatic agarwood. When you light a stick, its mysterious scent fills the air, bringing you a moment of fulfillment and endless well-being. The luxurious box with a traditional design hides the secret of a modern and timeless fragrance you can use every day. Refined and deep, it's a true gift of nature.

Nippon Kodo uses high-quality natural ingredients. Woods, herbs, and spices are blended following long-cherished traditional techniques in order to make exceptional quality incenses.

  • Made in Japan
  • Number of sticks 45
  • Length 13 min
  • Fragrance Kyara
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