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Maruchan Seimen Ramen Cup Noodles Shoyu 111g

Maruchan Seimen Ramen Cup Noodles Shoyu 111g

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Maruchan Seimen Ramen Cup Noodles Shoyu (Soya) 111g

Japanese Maruchan Seimen Cup Hojun Koku Shoyu

Super tasty Japanese noodles. The Noodles taste so good that it almost tastes the same as fresh noodles, soft in texture but still firm. The soup has a good taste and smells very good!

Method of preparation
Boiling water
Pour in boiling water and cover
Wait 2 minutes
spices and mix
It is ready for consumption
Ingredients: noodles (wheat flour, starch, salt, konjac, vegetable protein, soy dietary fiber), sauce (soy sauce, vegetable oil, fermented sauce, sugar, salt, spices, protein hydrolysate, yeast extract), powder (onion, bamboo shoot, dextrin), modified starch, spices (amino acid, etc.), lecithin, alcohol, salted water, calcium carbonate, antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E), gardenia dye, polysaccharide thickener, ph regulator, flavor, caramel dye, vitamin B2, vitamin B1.

Net Weight: 111G
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