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Miso - Dark 500 g

Miso - Dark 500 g

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Miso Dark 500g “Maruman” Honzukuri

Honzukuri shinshu aka miso

Miso is a naturally fermented mixture of soybeans, salt and sometimes grain.
The darker the color of that Miso the longer it has aged and has a fuller flavor. It can be compared to young cheese and old Amsterdammer.

Usage tip

You can use miso to flavor your soup, you can see it as a soup broth. Miso has a special taste and it may take some getting used to for the first time, but the special taste is quickly grasped. With Miso paste you can also make Miso butter with it, really tasty! We in Europe know different cheeses from different countries and regions. In Asia they also know different types of Miso, almost every Asian country uses this fermented soybean paste. Each in its own form from process to consumption.

Miso & Butter
Mash 100 grams of butter with 50 grams of Miso paste, mix the Miso in the butter until a color is created. And use it to fry your meat, tofu, egg, vegetables and so on. And taste the difference.

Ingredients: Soybeans, rice, salt, rice malt.

AKA MIS0 Code -6501 Maruman Nama Miso pack / Pasta from fermented soybeans Ingredients: SOYBEANS, rice, salt, rice malt. Nutritional value per 100g Energy 787KJ (188Kcal), Fats 5.7g, of which saturated 0g, Carbohydrates 23.1g, of which sugars 0g, Proteins 11g, Salt 12.5g Keep cool after opening Content: 500 grams Product of JAPAN import: LUCULLUS B.V. LINE COURSE 6-2352 CK LEIDERDORP Best before: See imprint (YYYY.MM.DD)
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