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Mizuho Kuromatsu Kenbishi Sake 17% 720ml

Mizuho Kuromatsu Kenbishi Sake 17% 720ml

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Kenbishi Shuzo

Mizuho Kuromatsu Kenbishi Sake 17% 720ml

Sake Rice Wine

Sake brewing policy is more about "taste" than "title"

Kenbishi products do not display the rice polishing ratio on the label. The reason is that we change the rice polishing ratio according to the rice grown under different conditions every year. All to keep the taste unchanged. "Taste" rather than "title". That is our policy.

Also, Kenbishi's sake is not colorless and transparent like common Japanese sake. This is because it is adjusted so that the flavor is not lost along with the color due to over-filtration. The deep color of Kenbishi can be said to be proof of the depth of flavor.

“Traditional taste with a yellow tint” that we have preserved for 500 years. I would appreciate it if the customer who drinks it can judge its value.

Since its founding in 1505, the brewery has moved from Itami to Nada, 500 years later, and has continued to hone its skills and sensibilities. We have continued to provide products with unchanging trademarks.
A trademark that has remained unchanged since ancient times. Kenbishi's unwavering spirit speaks for itself rather than much. We will continue to carry on the unchanging beauty and inherit the Japanese sake culture that has been preserved for generations to the future. We, in the past, now, and in the future, will continue to produce sake that is loved by the world with a sense of gratitude.

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