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Morning Star Sandalwood 20 g (50 sticks)

Morning Star Sandalwood 20 g (50 sticks)

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Morning Star Sandalwood 20 g (50 sticks)

Sandalwood is a type of wood that grows in South Asia. The scent released from the Sandalwood has been used in ancient times by different cultures for cleansing, meditations, but also as medicine.

Burn time: 25 minutes
​Total burn time: 20 hours

Morningstar is one of the most popular Japanese incense varieties. Pure incense without wood or bamboo, with a subtle scent. Ideal for meditations or just relaxing. Morningstar has no less than 18 different types of fragrances, packed in 50 sticks per pack.

Each pack contains a ceramic holder for the incense.
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