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MURATO Classic Beef Sword 210mm

MURATO Classic Beef Sword 210mm

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MCL-104 Classic Beef Sword 210mm

Blade length / 210mm Total length /
340mm Weight / 190g Plate thickness / 2.0mm

VG10 three-layer steel

VG10 material, which is also used by professional chefs, is used for the core material of three-layer steel that is easy to sharpen. Molybdenum, vanadium, and cobalt are added to high-hardness stainless cutlery steel to improve the durability of sharpness.

With water grind blade

The traditional "water-abrasive blade attachment" by Tsubamesanjo craftsmen creates a clam-shaped blade edge.
There is little resistance when cutting ingredients, and good separation is achieved.

Weight design

For streaky meat, large vegetables, and hard foods, the weight and center of gravity balance have been optimized so that the cuts are lighter due to the weight of the blade.

Handle shape

The handle is thin and the bottom of the handle is thick, making it easy to grip and transmit power. The curved shape created by hand polishing by craftsmen is carefully finished so that it fits in your hand.

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