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Neru Neru Neru Ne Grape kneading candy

Neru Neru Neru Ne Grape kneading candy

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Neru Neru grape dip set

ねるねるねるね ブドウ味


Create your own candy with this unique set. Fill the left tray with water up to the indicated dividing line. Then add sachet 1 and stir well until the dipping sauce is thick and creamy. Then add sachet 2 to the dipping sauce and stir well again. Finally, you can put sachet 3 (crystal sugars) in the right-hand tray. You can now wrap the dipping sauce around your spoon and then dip it in the granulated sugars. You are ready to enjoy.

Contains no artificial colourants.

Ingredients: sugar, candy powder, syrup, starch, food acid, soda (sodium bicarbonate / baking powder), polysaccharide, thickener, aroma, calcium carbonate, vegetable coloring (gardenia)

Sugar, candy, Starch syrup, Dextrose, Starch, Egg white powder, Vegetable oil, Dextrin/Acidulant, Baking soda, Artificial flavor, Thickening polysaccharide, Calcium carbonate, Colorant (vegetable pigment, gardenia)

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