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Japanese Whiskey Nikkia Coffey Grain 700ml

While the single malt whiskey is already good whiskey, the single grain is of an outside category that few people know of. A single grain whiskey is distilled from a variety of grains, and comes from a single distillery. These serve as the basis for the general mixture, malt whiskey is next to its very rarely bottled on their own recipe. The Nikka Coffey Grain is based on corn while most modern grain whiskeys are on wheat. The maize Provides the whiskey with a round and generous texture and intense aromatics.


The Taketsuru family owned a Sake brewery in 1733. This company was passed on from generation to generation. Similarly Masataka Taketsuru, who wanted to continue the family business and studied chemistry at the University. Masataka had a preference for Whiskey and decided to dedicate his life to whiskey. He got the chance to go to Scotland and was the first Japanese to study 'the art of whiskey making' at the university.

Once back in Japan, he produced the first Japanese whiskey ever. But he also realized that it was very important to become independent if he wanted to go far in the world of whiskey and decided to start his own whiskey distillery instead of continuing with his family's sake brewery. That is how he started Nikka Whiskey in the year 1934.

His wife Rita, whom he met in Scotland, has always supported him over the years and worked on Nikka Whiskey and even left her native country for that. She took over the Japanese culture and pasta completely. Until her death in 1961. Masataka and Rita are buried together in Yoichi.


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